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  • Variation
    • Continuous and discontinuous variation
      • Discontinuous variation is were they fall into a set of distinct classes.
      • Continuous variation is were individuals can fall into any class.
    • Species
      • Organisms of the same type are said to belong to the same species. Mammals : Have fur and live young.
    • Chromozones
      • Inside the nuclie of a cell is huge DNA... Inside them is genes (genetic information). This makes you different to everyone else. They are reproduced from your parents
    • Natural selection
      • Natural selection can be good and bad mutations...
        • If it is a successful gene then it will be bred and the gene will become common
        • If the gene is useless or dangerous then the animal will die and then the gene will be destroyed.
    • Extinction
      • Extinction is were a species gets wiped out because of bad mutations or prey with good mutations.
    • Environment change
      • Organisms are adapted to the environment/ habitat they are surrounded by.
        • If the environment or habitat changes they have to adapt towards it or they will die or become extinct.


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