values of the barrier reefs

this includes particulars of the Andros Barrier reef

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  • how are andros barrier reefs valuable
    • biodiversity
      • more than 1 million species plants and animals
        • 4000 types of fish
        • 400 species of coral
        • over past 25 years proportion of species gone down by 30%
      • andros Reef is one of the healthiest in the world
        • 164 species of coral found in Andros
      • enviromental
    • medical treatments
      • already used to treat
        • cancer
        • HIV
      • half of research for new cancer drugs is through marine organisms
      • social
    • fisheries
      • form nuseries for 1/4 of worlds fish stock
        • can yield 15 tonnes o fish and seafood per square meter per year
      • local communities depend on fish
        • 1 billion people have dependence on coral reefs
      • enivromental/ economic
    • tourism
      • many people come to swim and see the coral reefs
        • not many countries have coral reefs
      • provides jobs, and a steafdy income to the surrounding area
        • particularly for developing countries
      • brings 150 million per year to Andros
      • econmic
    • coastal barriers
      • reefs create natrual barriers
        • protect the coral from damge from the waves
      • by reducing erosion, flooding and the loss of property on the soil, coast villages save millions
      • economic/ environmental


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