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  • Utilitarianism
    • S: Pragmatic and concentrates on the effect of an action
      • Strong Rule Utilitarianism mirrors absolutist Christianity
    • S: Hedonic calculus makes it easy to follow
      • Easy to follow as it captures the Golden Rule of Christianity Luke 6v31
    • S: Theory promotes equality
      • Encourages people not to be selfish
    • S: Simple to follow, aim of most humans to be happy
      • Religions main aim to please people as is Utilitarianism
    • W: Impractical to assume that the HC can be used in all situations
      • Utilitarianism main goal is to achieve happiness but Christianity is to do Gods will
    • W: Potentially can justify any action
      • Genesis 1v26 states God made humans in his image meaning we are all equal
    • W: Requires the ability to predict the future
      • Utilitarianism is secular and based on human rights
    • W: Different ideas of pleasure i.e. Sadistic Guard
      • Utilitarianism is to fulfil greatest happiness for the greatest number not for a divine command


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