Using X-Rays (P3.12)

Summary of Using P3.12 Using X-Rays from Edexcel GCSE Science Extension Units Student Book.

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  • Using X-Rays
    • Inverse square law
      • The strength of radiation decreases the further it gets away from the source.
    • Absorption of X-Rays
      • Different materials absorb different amounts of X-rays
      • The thicker the material, the more X-rays it absorbs.
    • CAT Scans & Fluoroscopes
      • In a CAT Scan, an X-ray source is moved around the patient in a circle.
        • X-ray detectors build up many cross-sectional views of the body.
      • Fluoroscopes are used to show a patients organs are working.
    • Risks & Benefits
      • both are painless
      • non -invasive
      • can eliminate the need for a biospy
      • an increased chance of developing cancer


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