Using Reflection and Refraction (P3.10)

Brief summary of Using Reflectio and Refraction from the Edexcel GCSE Science Extension Units Student Book. It is under P3.10 in the book.

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  • Using Reflection & Refraction
    • Total internal reflection occurs in a medium when a ray approaches the interface at an angle greater than the critical angle.
    • With an optical fibre, no matter how the fibre twists and turns the light ray is still repeatedly reflected back into the fibre.
      • Optical fibres are used in endoscopes.
    • Ultrasound
      • Have frequencies higher than humans can hear.
      • Travels through solid objects, but are partially reflected upon entering a different medium
      • The waves travel through the body and are reflected at the interface between different tissues.
        • The reflected waves are detected and converted to an image on a screen.
      • Useful for both diagnosis and treatment.


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