Steps of using a colorimeter to work out concentration of a solution

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  • Using a colorimeter to work out the concentration of a solution.
    • Select a filter with a complimentary colour to the colour being tested.
      • Allows only the most strongly absorbed wavelength to pass through the sample.
      • Make a range of standard solutions for the test sample.
        • There should be samples both above and below the unknown sample to.
          • This allows a higher accuracy when discover the unknown concentration and will also speed up the process.
        • Zero the colorimeter using a pure solvent sample.
          • This will often be water.
          • Measure the absorbance of each of the standard solutions.
            • It is also recommended at this point to plot a calibration curve
              • The graph should have the axis: concentration against absorbance
            • Measure the absorbance of the unknown sample.
              • Use the calibration curve to determine the concentration of the unknown sample.




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