Uses of Enzymes

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  • Uses of Enzymes
    • Used is biological detergents
      • Mainly protein-digesting enzymes and fat-digesting enzymes
      • Because the enzymes break down animal and plant matter, they're ideal for removing stains like food and blood
      • Best at low temperatures (eg 30C)
    • Used to change foods
      • Proteins in some baby foods are 'pre digested' using protein-digesting enzymes
      • Carbohydrate-digesting enzymes can be used to turn starch syrup into sugar syrup
      • Glucose syrup can be turned into fructose syrup using an isomerase enzyme
        • Fructose is sweeter, so you can use less of it-good for slimming foods and drinks
    • Enzymes in industry
      • They speed up reactions without the need for high temperatures and pressures
      • Using lower temperatures means lower cost and saves energy
      • However, some people can develop allergies to the enzymes


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