Uses Of Enzymes

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  • Uses Of Enzymes
    • Biological Detergents
      • washing powders
      • mainly protein digesting enzymes ( proteases) and fat digesting enzymes ( lipases
        • because the enzymes break down animal and plant matter, they're ideal for removing stains like food or blood
      • Biological detergents are most effective at working at low temperatures ( eg 30 degrees) than other types of detergents
    • Changing Food
      • The proteins in some baby food are 'pre-digested' using protein-digesting enzymes ( proteases) so they're easier for the baby to digest
      • Carbohydrate-digesting enzymes ( carbohydrases) can be used to turn starch ( grose) into sugar syrup ( yummy)
      • Glucose syrup can be turned into fructrose syrup using ISOMERASE enzyme.
        • fructrose is sweeter so you can use less of it - good for slimming foods and drinks
    • Enzymes In Industry
      • Speed up reactions
      • Advantages - They're specific - they only catalyse the reaction you want to
      • using lower temperatures and pressures = lower costs - saves energy
      • Biodegradable - cause less environmental pollution
      • Allergies
      • Enzymes can denature by even a small increase in temperature
      • suseptable to poisons and change in pH
      • expensive to produce


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