Urbanisation - Cities

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  • Urbanisation - Cities
    • Mithi River, Mumbai
      • Flood Risk
        • Solid waste id dumped here which clogs drains and causes a flood risk
        • Heavy rainfall causes all kinds of problems; transport links stopped, deaths, homeless
        • Plants then grow on the waste which increases the flood risk further
      • Treated as a water waste disposal unit for many years
        • 800 million litres of untreated sewerage enter it eeveryday
        • Big industries in Mumbai dump untreated industrial waste into the river
        • Other waste; food, e-waste, metals are also dumped here. Some are toxic!
        • The airport uses it dump untreated oil
      • Solutions
        • Dredging the river and widening it
        • Raising the embankment and using more permeable surfaces.
        • Restrictions so that companies cannot dump untreated waste into the river
    • Mumbai Sewage / Waste
      • Solutions
        • Put in proper recycling stations with government funding
        • Increase the number of public toilets to reduce the amount of human excrement on streets
    • sustainable Living/Cities
      • Conserves historic environment
      • Reduce, Reuse and Recycle
      • Improves transport links
      • Use brownfield Sites
      • Involves communities in local decision making
      • More green spaces
    • Traffic Issues
      • Issues
        • Air Pollution
        • Pedestrians in the road
        • Congestion
      • Solutions
        • Toll roads
        • Increasing public transport
        • High vehicle capacity/car sharing lanes
        • Cycling schemes + Bus lanes
        • Flyovers + underpasses
      • Impacts
        • Expensive to travel
        • Health risks, noise and air pollution
        • Obstruction of emergency services


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