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counter-urbanisation - the movement of people from larger urban areas to smaller settlements and rural areas.

urbanisation- an increase in the proportion of people living in urban areas compared with those living in rural areas.

suburbanisation - the movement of people from the city centre to the suburbs. (outskirts)

re-urbanisation- the movement of people BACK to urban areas. 

urban sprawl-the spreading of a city over a rural area.

mega citys- caused by industrial revolution.

                  results in increased population density lessing urban sprawl.

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world citys- headqutarters of mncs 

bussniss midia communication

good universitys 

city- an area with hig population and a variety of functions and services 9usally a cathedral)

meaga city- an aurban area with a population of over 10 million this can be a single city or a contrbution were towns and citys have spread and murged toughter 

world city- a city that has  influance globally they are important hubs for global buisnes and econmy and trade 

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