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  • unvelism
    • The good samritan
      • An man  ask Jesus what can he do to be like him . he said you have to read.
      • He also said you to not love yourself but love everyone.
      • The man said who is everyone.
        • He just wanted to be helped.
      • a man got a  beaten and another man helped him.
      • the man was in pain and the other man saved him
        • Jesus was impressed with the man who helped the man who was beaten.
      • the injered man didnt know what to do.
    • Zacures
      • Jesus went to a spot and saw a man
      • Jesus didnt know the man name
      • Jesus met another man he was a tax colecter
      • he knew the man Jesus  didnt know
      • his name was zacures
      • Jesus was surpries to hear that name
      • But the day contiued as normal
    • The parable of the lost son
      • There Was a man who has sons
      • the father loved his sons so much with all his heart and wanted the best for them
      • He didnt want anything to happen to his sons
      • the sons loved there dad as well
      • the sons wanted a share of there dad busness and be part of his family
    • something that is unversil scope.
    • the Centriens servant
      • people were made to work with out getting paid
      • it was terifying for them
      • Untitled
      • they was so scared they  didnt want to do it
      • They didnt know what to do
    • the widow of niam
      • There was a women and she was a widow.
      • She tried to help people when the needed it.
      • She was very nice and very helpful.
      • She cared for everyone.
      • Everyone loved her.
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