Assess the reasons Henry VI lost the throne

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  • Assess the reasons Henry VI lost his throne.
    • Lancastrian weaknesses
      • Losses at St Albans, Blore Heath, Northampton and Mortimors Cross
    • Poor financial management
      • His over granting of patronage despite crown debts left people angry over taxes.Led to loss of foreign empires gained under Henry V, such as Normandy.
    • Yorkists strength
      • Warwick able to take over rule of Gov on 16th July 1460, replacing Henry's men with Yorkist men.
    • Poor Nobility control
    • Margaret of Anjou
      • Fears for her northern hosts deterred people's support for her cause against York.
    • Mental Illnesses and lack of rule
      • Henry's ill health left England briefly ungoverned and forced Parliament to grant York his 2 protectorates.
        • This allowed York to make changes which displayed his ability to rule better than Henry.
    • Duke of York
      • Provided an alternative to Henry as King and had a strong claim to throne
      • His 1st protectorate saw him increase crown income, reform navy, distributed grants and titles more fairly, and respond to disturbances such as Percys attack on Nevilles.


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