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  • Universalism
    • Jesus Heals A Roman Officers Servant
      • This is a good story to show that Christianty is not out to overthrow.
      • "Who was very dear to him" This quote shows Loyalty.
      • "Jewish Elders"= Respect
      • The use of the word "heal" in the quote "come and heal his servant" shows Jesus power
      • "Juts give the order, and my servant will get well" - this indicates that the centurauin is very Humble
      • Jesus respected a roman gentile
      • "crowd"- Popularity
      • "I tell you, I have never found faith like this not even in Israel"-Jesus is pleased with the faith he has seen.
      • "to the officers house and sound his servant well"- Jesus has great power
    • The Widow Of Nain
      • "stood behind Jesus" this shows that the women is humble
      • There is a parable in this story which tells us about love and how money is no everything
      • "Who is this, who even forgives sins"-The jews believe that only God can heal sins.
      • "the great love she has shown" love has saved her form her sins.
    • The  Parable of the Good Smaritan
      • "love the lord your God.......as you love yourself " this is from the old testament
      • The road from Jerusalem to Jericho is very dangerous
      • If the priest had touched the man it would have made him unclean
      • The Levite turned a blind eye
      • "his heart was filled with pity"- christ like
      • A samaritain was despised and was mixed race
      • "he took out two silver coins..."- he was generous
      • "kind' light motif
    • The lost son
      • Only found in Lukes Gospel
      • "Father give me my share"- broke the ten commandments- disrespected
      • "At last he came to his senses"
      • "Against God and Against you"- broke the ten commandme-nts
      • "take care of the pigs" fiflth    lowest
      • "filled with pity"- commission
      • "still a long way" he was waiting for him
      • "i am not longer fit to be called your son" not the whole speech
      • "now  alive" spiritually
      • The older sons anger stopped him
      • "Had to"- no choice
      • Father =God /Us
      • excessive in your love
    • Zacchaeus
      • tax collectors were hated
      • "rich" how
      • "little man"- violent, ungrateful- symbolic
      • "hurry down""must"- urgent forgiveness
      • "Hurry down" before he repents
      • "if" not clear
      • "defendant of Abraham"- isralite/jew
      • "the son of man" come back and judge


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