Unit 1: Operations Managment (2)

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  • Unit 1: Operations Managment
    • Quality Assurance
      • Is a firms attempt to satisfy customers by making sure that quality standards are agreed and met.
      • Good Quality =
        • A better reputation.
        • More satisfied customers.
        • Lower costs as wastage is reduced.
    • Customer Service.
      • Providing services to customers before, during and after purchase to standards that meet their expecation.
      • Accurate Product Information
      • Reliability
      • Dealing with customer questions and concerns.
      • Delivering on time.
      • After sales support and warranties.
      • Benefits
        • Customers will return time after time.
        • Loyal customers will reccomend the business
        • Fewer customer complaints.
    • Consumer Protection
      • Sales of Goods Acts
        • Must be fit for purpose and must be as described.
      • Competition Act
        • Must not agree to fix prices at high levels.
      • Advantages: Consumers have confidence to make purchase, prevents unfair competition.
      • Disadvantage Meeting the conditions can be expensive, very time consuming to keep up with laws.
    • E-Commerce
      • Saves money on paper.
      • Saves money on property costs.
      • Can reach international markets.


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