Unit 1: Operations Managment (1)

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  • Unit 1: Operations Managment
    • Operational Efficiency
      • Produce the maximum amount possible with the minimum input of people and raw material.
      • An efficient business will have lower operating costs. Resulting in higher profits.
      • To be operational efficiency you need:
        • More efficient machinery
        • Highly motivated workers
        • Minimum wastage
        • Efficient managment
    • Job Production
      • Is making a one off specialised product for each customer.
      • It is a flexible production process.
      • Allows customers special requirements to be met.
      • High Prices can often be charged.
      • Production cost can be high and is a slow process.
      • Labour costs can be hgih as skilled workers are needed.
    • Batch Production
      • Groups of identical items that pass through different stages of the production process at the same time.
      • The cost is lower than job production as it is more efficient.
      • It can take a long time to switch from making a batch of one product to a different.
    • Technology in the Workplace.
      • Computer Aided Design (CAD)
        • Create models of the product.
      • Computer Aid Manufacturer (CAM)
        • Improve quality and productivity and reduce human error.


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