Types of Personal Computer

Outlining the pros and cons (but mostly pros) of desktop, laptop, netbook and tablet computers. Made by an A* ICT exam student XD

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  • Types of Personal Computer (PC)
    • Desktop Computer
      • Needs peripherals like monitor, keyboard and mouse
      • Hard disk drives and optical drives for storage
      • Good internet connectivity
      • Powerful processors
      • Easy to upgrade by adding functions
      • Not portable
    • Laptop Computer
      • Can run on battery or electricity supply
      • Built-in touchpad, monitor and webcam
      • Hard disk and optical drives
      • Slots for SD cards
      • Built-in Wi-Fi and bluetoot
      • Good connectivity
      • Difficult to upgrade
    • Netbook Computer
      • Strong and robust
      • Built-in monitor and keyboard
      • Boots up quickly
      • Built-in WiFi
      • No hard disk
      • No optical drives
      • Solid state SD cards for storage
      • Good for internet and cloud use
    • Tablet Computer
      • Light and portable
      • Battery powered
      • Touch-screen interface
      • On-screen (virtual) keyboard
      • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 3G
      • Camera (photo and video)
      • Can play media, browse the internet and read e-books
      • Downloads apps
    • Notebook Computer
      • Similar to laptop computers, but more portable
  • Powerful processors
  • Can run on battery or electricity supply


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