Types of Data

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  • Types of Data
    • Primary Data:
      • Information collected by the sociologists themselves  for their own purposes
      • May be for a first hand picture of a group or society
      • To test a hypothesis
      • Strengths
        • specific to individuals needs
      • Weaknesses
        • Takes a long time
        • Expensive
    • Secondary Data:
      • Information that has been collected by someone else but other sociologists use it.
      • Strengths
        • Easy to use
      • Weaknesses
        • not as reliable
        • may not be relevant to research
    • Quantitative Data:
      • Data in the form of numbers and statistics
      • Official statistics
      • Structured interview
      • Questionnaire
    • Qualatitive Data:
      • data in the form of writrten analysis and description
      • Letters
      • Newspaper articles
      • Diarys
      • participant observation
      • Unstructured interview
    • Validity
      • Data which produces a true or genuine picture of what something is really like
    • Reliability:
      • when different researchers using the same method can get the same results


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