Types of Bills

Information about different types of Bills which the exam board state you need to know for the LAW01 exam!

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  • Types of Bills
    • Government Bills
      • Public Bills
        • Involve public policy and affect whole country.
        • Most government Bills
        • Constitutional Reform Act 2005
      • Private member bills
        • Introduced by any MP in HOC
        • Ballot
          • Allowed each parliamentary session but debating time limited - only 20 MP's allowed.
        • Ten-Minute Rule
          • Can be made by any MP with speech up to 10 mins.
        • Abortion Act 1967
    • Private Bills
      • Affect specific individuals or ogranisations
      • Whitehaven Harbour Act 2007
    • Hybrid Bills
      • Cross between public and private
      • Introduced by government but only affect specific individual, organisation or place
      • Crossrail Act 2008 - Allowed construction of underground rail in London and will affect residents


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