Types of Bills

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  • Types of Bills
    • Public Bills
      • Affect general public - 2 types of bills. Government bills are introduced by government ministers. Private Member's bills introduced by backbench MPs or peers.
        • Legislation that started as a government bill : Football Spectators Act 1989 as amended by Football (Disorder) Act 2000, Children Act 2004, Dangerous Dogs Act 1991.
        • Legislation which started as a Private Members' Bill: Abortion Act 1967, Murder (Abolition of the Death Penalty) Act 1965.
    • Private Bills
      • Affect a particular person, organisation or locality.
        • The Edward Berry and Doris Eileen Ward (Marriage Enabling) Act 1980.
    • Hybrid Bills
      • Cross between public and private bills. Introduced by a government minister but only affects a particular person, locality or organisation.
        • The ChannelTunnel (Rail Link) Act 1996


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