Types of Benchmarking

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  • Types of Benchmarking
    • Strategic Benchmarking
      • Used to improve overall performance.
        • Looks at long-term strategies/general approaches of high-performers.
      • Core Competencies, new products/sevices
      • Most appropriate for business strategies that = innapropriate
    • External Benchmarking
      • Analysis of best in class outside organisations
      • Lot of time + resources required
      • Most appropriate for good practice examples are found in other organisatoins
    • Performance or competitive Benchmarking
      • done through trade associations or third parties = protect confidentiality
      • Most appropriate for assessing performance in key areas compared to similar firms.
      • Used when performance characteristics of key products and services are considered.
    • International Benchmarking
      • Best practitioners found + analysed elsewhere in the world.
      • Globalisation
      • Most appropriate for aim to achieve world class status
    • Functional Benchmarking
      • Can lead to innovation + improvements
      • Benchmark with partners from different business sectors.areas
      • Most appropriate for improving activities/services for which counterparts don't exist
    • Internal Benchmarking
      • Access to sensitive date is easier
      • Less time + resources needed
      • Fewer barriers to implementation
      • Most appropriate for several business units within same organisation
    • Process Benchmarking
      • Focus on critical processes
      • Short term benefits
      • Most appropriate for ahieveing imporvements in processes


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