Types of attachment

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  • Types of attachment
    • Securely attached
      • Mother largely ignored- can be trusted to be there
      • Infant distressed when mother leaves- moderate separation/ stranger anxiety
      • Infants greet mother positively on return
      • 70% of ** sample
      • Infants use mother as 'safe base'
    • Insecure avoidant
      • Baby shows indifference towards mother
      • Play similar whether mum present/absent, as long as someone is there
      • Shows little interest to mother on her return
      • Little stranger anxiety, moderate separation anxiety
      • 15% of ** sample
    • Insecure resistant
      • Baby has difficulty using mother as safe base
      • Intense separation/stranger anxiety
      • Rejects mum when she returns
      • 15% of ** sample
    • Disorganized
      • Main and Soloman (1986)
      • Behaviour that doesn't fit into three categories
      • Show inconsistent behaviour, confusion and indecision


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