Type 1 Diabetes

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  • Type 1 Diabetes
    • What is it? Difficulty controlling blood sugar levels. Early onset diabetes.
    • Causes: Body not producing enough insulin. Caused by auto immune condition, immune system attacks insulin producing cells in the pancreas.
    • Symptoms: Thirsty, Weight loss, Excessive use of toilet, Itchiness of genitals, Constipation, Tiredness, More likely to get thrush, Cramp. SYMPTOMS OCCUR RAPIDLY.
    • Treatment: - Insulin injections 2 to 4 a day, - Insulin pump - Insulin to flow in blood stream, - Insulin does - depends on blood glucose levels and amount of carbs eaten, Lifestyle - Healthy eating, No smoking or drinking.
    • PIESF: P - More exercise, I - Miss lessons for treatment, No concentration, E - Stressful, Painful, Self-conscious, S - Well prepared, Find somewhere private to do injections, F - Some jobs unable to be done.




great mind map so inspiring :)

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