Treaty of Versailles (2)

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  • Treaty of Versailles (2)
    • German Reaction
      • HORRIFIED!!
      • Didn't feel it was their fault - didn't want war guilt
      • Economy was bad anyway - the reparations crippled them
      • Army was the pride of their country
      • Land taken had good industrial areas meaning economy made worse
      • Insulted at being rejected from the League
    • How did the Big 3 feel?
      • Wilson
        • Happy with League and Polish corrdior
        • Felt the treaty was too harsh
      • Clemenceau
        • Happy with Alsace Lorraine, military cuts and reparations
        • Felt the treaty wasn't harsh enough.
      • Lloyd-George
        • Happy with cuts to navy and colonies
        • Felt trade would be hard if the reparations too high.
    • Details of the Treaty
      • Loss of Land
      • Not allowed in League of Nations
      • no armoured vehicles, aircraft ot submarine
      • Only allowed 6 battleships
      • 100,000 men only in the army
      • Rhineland demiliterized
      • Blame for War
      • £6600 million in reperations
      • conscription banned
      • loss of colonies


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