Treaty of Versailles terms

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  • Treaty of Versailles
    • Guilt
      • Germany should accept responsibility for causing loss and and damage (Article 231: War Guilt Clause)
    • German Territories
      • Independence was given to: Poland, Czechoslovakia , Yugoslavia, Finland, Latvia and Estonia
      • Saar Coalfields was given to France for 15 Years
      • Germany lost Alsace - Lorraine
      • North-Schleswig was given to Denmark
      • Danzig was made a free city (under the Control of League  Nations
      • Germany lost all her overseas colonies
      • Eupen and Malmedy was given to Belgium
      • Germany was forbidden to unite with Austria
      • Posen was given to Poland
      • Germany lost territories in Africa
    • Reperations
      • Germany agreed to pay for damage (£6.6 bn)
    • Military Restrictions
      • Rhineland was demilitarised
      • No German troops allowed in occupation zone
      • Navy was limited to 15,000 sailors
      • An Allied army was to occupy the Rhineland for a period of 15 years
      • No longer allowed to buy any weapons
      • Germany reduced to 100,000 men
      • German navy was stripped from their submarines and only allowed 6 warships
      • Not allowed to buy war material


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