Transport in Plants-B4

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  • Transport in Plants
    • Xylem and phloem cells form vascular bundles in broad leaved plants
      • Xylem-carry water and minerals from the roots to the leaves
        • Vessels- dead cells, lack of cytoplasm gives a hollow lumen
          • Extra thickening of lignin, giving greater strength
          • Involved in transpiration
    • Transpiration-evaporation and diffusion of water inside leaves
      • Continuous flow of water-ensures the plant has water for cooling, photosynthes-is and transport of minerals
    • Rate of transpiration is increased by increased light intensity (open stomata)
      • Increased by temperature and air movement
        • Blow evaporated water away
      • Decrease in humidity-increase water vaporation
    • Phloem-carry food substances and sugars up and down the stem
      • Living cells arranged in columns
      • Growing and storage tissues
    • Leaf is adapted to reduce water loss
      • Guard cells change size
        • Contain chloroplast
          • Produce sugars and increase turgor pressure
      • Fewer stomata, distribution is smaller


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