Towns and Urbanisation

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  • Towns and Urbanisation
    • types of town
      • oppidum: tribal capitals before roman Britain, street systems
        • examples: camulodinum
      • ribbon towns
      • civitas capitals: most common
        • wroxeter, Carlisle and exeter
      • colonia: often settlement for retired soldiers in britain
        • Colchester, Gloucester, Lincoln and york
      • the vici: lowest in status, grew alongside military bases, natives within made a living from the soldiers
        • housesteads
      • municipia: lower status than the colonia, pre-existing settlements taken over, not just romans
        • verulamium (st. albans), londonium
    • sizes
      • roman London - 133 hectares, Cirencester - 100, Colchester (largest colony) - 44, Broughan Humber - 5
    • Types of building
      • recreational: theatres, ampitheatres and bath houses
      • Judicial: basilica
      • religion:: temples
      • Commercial: macellum, ponderarium, market stalls, shops (arcades
      • Administration: curia
    • remains
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