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  • Tourism
    • growth of tourism:
      • tourism is one or the fastest growing industries at the moment.
      • It has grown from 25 million in 1950 to 1.087 billion in 2013.
      • Europe has the most tourists then America then Asia then middle east and then Africa
      • reasons for increase
        • More disposable income. Paid holidays. Easier and cheaper travel. More advertising. there are more places to go to and more stuff to do in them
    • types of tourism
      • Beach holidays (where you go for the beach), outdoor adventures (like skiing, parachuting or scuba diving), culture (where they go for the what the locals do or go to) and ecotourism (where you respect the environment and the local people).
    • advantages and disadvantages
      • creates jobs - but they are often seasonal. More money for the country - money is leaked. cultures are used - but they change when tourists can be used to improve the environment - but the environment gets damaged by the tourists. there are new facilities - it gets over crowded.
    • national parks are used to preserve the country side but also promote the enjoyment over the area.
    • managing tourism.
      • the problems that can be caused by over crowding a tourist destination are people quarry for rocks, destroying the environment, to many visitors can destroy the environment and house prices are push up by the amount of people wanting to live there


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