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  • Topologies
    • BUS
      • Disadvantages
        • Because there is only one cable supplying all of the computers, the transmission of data is slow going backwards and forwards
        • Performance of the network slows down when there are more users
        • If cable fails, computers from that point will not work
      • Advantages
        • If one computer breaks others will work
        • Easy to add on other workstations
    • RING
      • Advantages
        • Network not dependent on central computer
        • Each computer has the same access as the others so no one computer can hog the network
      • Disadvantages
        • Impossible to keep network running whilst equipment is added/removed as only one path for data to follow
    • STAR
      • Advantages
        • Fault Tolerant: If one cable fails, then the other computers can still be used
        • Easy to add extra computers without disturbing network
      • Disadvantages
        • Higher cost: large amount of cabling is expensive
        • Dependence on central server


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