finance topic 4

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  • topic 4- everyday banking
    • different types of current accounts
      • standard- 67%
        • offer a full range of facilities such as receiving payment, cash card, debit card, online banking, it is free of charge unless you use an overdarft
      • packaged 17%
        • packaged accounts offer account holder extra benefits for a monthly fee
          • benefits include discounts in stores,car breakdown cover
      • basic 9%
        • suits people who wish to avoid borrowing such as those living on benefits. operated using cash cards or prepaid cards
      • student 3%
        • tailored to needs of a student, low-interest or no-interest over draft facility.
      • premium 1%
        • designed for wealthy customers. got to earn more than 75,000
      • other 1%
    • opening an account
      • ant utility bill that is less than 3 months old
      • council tax bill issued in the financial year
      • medical card
      • employers ID card
      • social security book
      • driving licence- issued in the uk




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