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My Project

My chosen project was looking at screenplays and screenwriting. I decided to create a full length screenplay which is between 60 - 120 pages long.

I also decided to look at the British Film Industry and how it has developed over the years.

I chose this project due to my interest in film and espically in film production and screenwriting.

It also fitted in with my other areas that I currently study whihc are: English, Film and Photography.

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In this Presentation

In this presentation I will be talking about: What is meant by screenwiritng and it's origins. As well as examples of screenwriitng and how it can change from page to screen.

I will then talk about my inspirations for one of my screenplay scenes. As well as looking at my research for both my report and appendix and what I have learnt from this project.

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What is Screenwriting

Well, it is basically wriitng about what what will happen on screen whether it is on TV or at the cinema.

Screenwriting gives a clear picture to actors, directors, producers and any one else on a film or TV set about what the writers want to happen.

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The Origins of Screenwriting

This video will give you a brief overview of early screenwriting.

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The Effect of Screenplays

Screenplays better known as scripts can take years to produce before they are turned into films e.g. Iron Man, it's first screenplay was started in 1998, yet it was not released as a film until 2008.

When adabting books the writers sometime team up with the author of the book that they are adapting. e.g. Hunger Games, the author Susanne Collins and the screenwriter/director Gary Ross were locked in a room while they adapted the book for film.

Many films also go through multiple drafts and screenwritiers before being released.

The next two clips show how screenplays are played and adapted on screen.

Blackadder is known by most people. The following clip comes from Blackadder Goes Forth which was aried in 1989. It shows Captain Blackadder attempting to get out of the front by pretending he is mad.

Grenn Wing was a British sitcom. It ran between 2004 and 2006 on Channel 4. This clip is taken from series 1 episode 9 - Emergency. In this clip where Guy is on the run from the Police, while Mac is trying to talk him into surrending himself.

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My Screenplay

For my screenplay I decided to follow the action/adventure genre due to my interest in it.

My title for my screenplay is The Golden Monkey. Although this can be up for some development.

The main characters of my screenplay are; Frank, Dave, Melody and Matt.

The screenplay is about Frank, a robber who watches his long time girlfriend get kidnapped by his best friend's twin. This follows Frank's struggles in getting over the lost and getting his girlfriend back.

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My Inspirations

My main inspirations for my screenplay was the Italian Job, which was released in 2003. I was an American remake of teh 1969 British film of the same name. This inspired me due to the scene it which they steal a safe.

Here is it's trailer:

The following two scenes are both inspirations for a scen in my own screenplay, which you will see later.

The first is from St Trianian's which was released in 2007.

The next clip is from Ocean's Twelve which was released in 2004.

Although both clips protray similar ideas, I feel that this clip is more interesting due to the use of music, which I would like to use in my screenplay as well.

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My Representation

My representation of the two previous clips. I feel that I have added tenison to my screenplay by adding music to add interest.

The music I chose was the Glitch Mob - Warrier Concerto. I chose this due to the beat which could coinsode with the characters movements.

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Planning was important for both my screenplay and my report. It included:

The characters

The Storyline

Report Planning

And Research planning.

Screenplay planning meant that I knew in advance what direction. I would be taking the story and the characters.

Also I had a clear personality plan for each character so that I would have an idea on how they would react to every event.

Report planning made sure I did not repeat myself and made looking for research easier due to my topic being quite vast.

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My primary research was limited due to it being difficult to get in contact with screenwriters.

I instead visited the London Film Musuem which has exhibits in the history of film

My secondary research was quite difficult due to my subject topic at the beginning was so vast.

But after planning my report and creating a research strategy. I found and used a variety of sources for my infomation including the internet, books and a couple newspaper articles.

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The development of my project was mostly done through my screenplay.

This is due to my first draft being wriiten and then the whole thing being typed and then developing it on the screen.

For my report the majority of it was written and then I went back and developed it by adding source quotes and figures.

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Celtx is an industry standard software which helps with everything pre-production e.g. finance and storyboarding etc. It also helps when shooting as well.

I have used it for its script writing template. It also can be used for comic books, novels etc.

Celtx is very easy to use, but there are certain features whihc are helpful while creating my screenplay.

1) Scene Window: This gave me each scene so they were easy to go back and edit later.

2) Sentence opitions: These give different settings which help with the layout and formatting of the script. They are:

-Character, Dialog, Action, Parenthetical, Transition and Scene header.

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The conclusions I have reached through my report is that the film industry is always changing. It does effect the way in which screenplays are made and finally:

'Writing a screenplay is not all what it is cracked up to be.'

But it did help me develop my essay writing skills and well as my screenwriting skills.

It has also give me an insight into the development of the British Film Industry.

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Overall if I was to start this again or give advice to people, the main thing would be:

If you are going to do something creative, I would suggest to start and finish it as soon as possible, so as not to suffer writers block like I have with my script.

Alos do your primary research as soon as possible otherwise other aspects of your work get in the way.


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