Token economies - schizophrenia

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  • Token economies
    • Outline (A01)
      • Positive reinforcement systems that reward appropriate behaviour of patients in hospitals
      • Aims to remove maladaptive behaviour so patients can operate on the outside world
      • Improves quality of life
      • Secondary reinforcer; motivated to behave in order to get something they want
    • Research evidence
      • Paul and Lentz (1977) Patients managed with TE showed greater improvement in behaviour
      • Ayllon and Azrin (1968) Daily tasks rose from 5 to 42 when using TE
    • Evaluate (A03)
      • Cannot work in a real life environment
      • Lacks ecological validity; only used in institutions
      • Superficial; desirable behaviour only exists when there is a reward
      • Ethical concerns; using humans as guinea pigs to alter behaviour
      • Allows patients to become more independent and active
      • Tailored to individual needs and goals


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