To what extent were the economic and social reforms made a Khrushchev a failure?

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  • To what extent were the economic and social reforms made by Khrushchev a failure?
    • Agriculture
      • Virgin Land Scheme
        • Started in 1956 - 36mill hectares made available for farming
        • 300,000 emigrated there
        • initial harvest were good with a 90% increase
          • Started to fall in 1960s - 1963 was a drought and there was a shortage of grain
      • Problems
        • 1957-60: 24,000 specialists sent to the virgin lands and 14,000 left due to poor conditions
        • 322,000 workers moved to Kazakhstan but there was not enough housing ready
        • No infrastructure: grain storage could only hold 10million tonnes though 20million was produced annually
        • 1963: Khrushchev opens 60 new factories to produce more fertiliser but it was too late
          • Virgin lands too dry to grow the same crops
    • Housing
      • 7 year plan in 1958: 12million city housing units and 7million in the rural areas
      • Too small for most families
      • Khrushchovka -  concreate poorly made housing
    • Agree:
      • Virgin lands scheme were well intended but poorly planned
      • bureaucracy made reforms very difficult
      • reforms not radical enough
    • Disagree
      • Virgin land scheme was successful until poor weather hit in 1963
      • radical change to industry by focussing on light industry
        • 1/1000 had a washing machine to 77/1000
      • A lot of political / social change such as getting rid of gulags


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