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  • titrations
    • standard solution
      • any solution you know the exact concentration
      • 1. fill volumetric flask with 100cm3 of distilled water
        • 2. using weighing boat, weigh 2.65g of Na2CO3
          • 3. put Na2CO3 in volumetric flask and shake until dissolved
            • 4. add more water to the 250cm3 line (bottom of meniscus reaches line)
    • titrations let you find how much acid is needed to neutralise a measured quantity of alkali
    • method
      • 1. fill burette with acid
        • 2. measure 25cm3 of alkali using pipette
          • 3. pour alkali into conical flask and place onto white tile under closed burette
            • 4. add drops of phenol phthalein (indicator) to flask
              • 5. using burette drop 5cm3 at a time into flask, swirling regularly
                • 6. once solution has gone colourless stop and measure end volume. this is your rough titre
                  • 7. repeat steps 1-4
                    • 8. add acid drop by drop, swirling regularly
                      • 9. measure end volume and work out titre
                        • 10. repeat until you have concordant results


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