Redox Titration Analysis (Iron)

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  • Redox titration analysis (Iron)
    • Accurately weigh sample.
      • Dissolve the sample into a known volume in a volumetric flask.
        • Put manganate into burette.
          • Pipette the sample into a conical flask.
            • Add sulphuric acid to the manganate.
              • Titrate until the first permanent colour change.
                • Repeat until results are concordant.
                  • This is to prevent the original result from being anomalous and to remove and anomalies from the results.
                  • Concordant results are within 0.1cm of each other.
                • This should be pale pink.
        • This allows the calculation of the concentration of the metal, by working it out against the amount of sulphuric acid needed to neutralise it.


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