Titration calculations

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  • Titration calculations
    • Concentration of solutions are measured in grams per decimeter cubed (g/dm3) or moles per decimeter cubed (mol/dm3).
    • If we know the mass or the number of moles of a substance in a given volume of a solution we can calculate its cincentration.
    • If we know the volume of a solution and its concentration we can calculate the mass or the number of moles of the substance in any given volume of solution.
    • No. of moles= c*v/1000 C=concentration V=volume 1000=conversion factor between cm and dm.
      • no. of moles= mass/molar mass
    • Example: What is the mass of sodium hydroxide in 100cm3 of a solution with a concentration of 0.2mol/dm3?
      • 100cm3 contains: 100*0.2/1000= 0.02 mol (no. of mols= c*v/1000)
        • 1 mol NaOH= 40g (no. of mols= mass/molar mass)
          • 0.02*40=8g
    • no. of moles= mass/molar mass


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