Cards on titrations for OCR Gateway science GCSE Higher tier.

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How to do Titrations

  • allow you to find out exactly how much acid is needed to neutralise a quantity of alkali
  • use a pipette + pipette filler add some alkali to a conical flask with 2 or 3 drops of indicator
  • fill a burette with acid
  • add the acid to the alkali a bit at a time, swirling the conical flask
  • the indicator changes colour when all the alkali has been neutralised, record the volume of acid used to neutralise the alkali
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Analysing + calculation with titrations

Because the change from alkali to acid is sudden, when plotted on a graph pH against volume, you get a S-shape. As well as being able to interpret this we might also have to calculate the concentration from results from a titration.

To do this you use the equation: concentration = number of moles/volume

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