Timeline of family structure (pre 1750's-1970's)

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  • Timeline of family structure
  • 1750
    • pre 1750
      • Family self sufficient, little gender inequality, all worked
    • 1819
      • 1841
        • 1851
          • 1911
            • 1960's/70's
              • women protest against housewife role with equal rights movemnt
            • 1/10 married women in employment. childcare primary role
          • 1/4 married women employed. locked into housewife role
        • men saw women as a threat to employment, laws introduced to restrict female employment. women tied down by children
      • laws started restricting child labour. children under age of 10 couldn't work. women started staying at home to look after them
    • family in factores, men in all areas, women in textiles, children low status dangerous roles


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