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  • Timbers
    • Hardwood
      • Comes from deciduous trees which have large flat leaves that fall in the autumn, they take longer to grow and are not easily sourced. Expensive to buy.
        • Balsa: -pale  -wide grain  -fast growing - very soft- easy to form. can be used for: Models, Toys, Pots and model aircrafts
        • Mahogany: -dark red tint - close grain - cuts and polishes easily - gives a fine finish. can be used for: Benches, Door frames, Signs, Boxes
        • Beach: - slight pink tint - close grain - tough - smooth to finish. used for: Furniture, Boxes, Shelves, Doors, Door frames
        • Oak: -tough - brown colour - attractive markings - durable - polishes well. can be used for: Doors, Ship masts, Chairs, Boxes, Wardrobes, tables
    • Softwood
      • softwoods come from coniferous trees often have pines or needles and stay evergreen all year round. don not loose leaves, faster growing making them cheaper to buy and considered a sustainable material
        • Pine : - pale coloured - aesthetical-ly pleasing colours - light weight - cheap - easy to form. can be used for : Pallets,  Paper, Constructi-on, Fences
        • Cedar: - lightweight - pale colour - even texture. More expensive as pine but not as strong, can be used for: Bee hives, Benches, Garden tables, Garden chairs, Shingles
    • manufactured boards
      • Usually sheets of produced natural timber waste products. Made from waste wood, low grade timber and recycled timber. often covered with veneer a more expensive wood
      • pale brown appearance with no grain, quite lightweight, easy to work with and used as a constructio-n material. often made of several layers mixed with adhesive to increase strength


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