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  • Thomas"The Unadjusted Girl"1923
    • female delinquency is normalish
    • "bad" women exploit men but "good" women use sex as protection
    • human behaviour in the social context in terms of attitude and habits
    • female wishes - security, safety, novelty, recognition, prestige, intimacy and love
    • assumes the nature of the women
    • considers economical factors over physiological ones
    • men crave excitement, stimulation and fights, women do not
    • middle class have few crimes as they are socialised to accept their positions and treasure themselves as investments
    • due to the failures of the family, education system, social workers, the church and industry
    • modern age sees individualised behaviour so leads to a breakdown of social order
    • change women's dissatisfaction in social roles and committing crimes by socialising them and changing their attitudes
    • the criminal women is demoralised by the breakdown of social order
    • based on fear - status quo keeps in line of social duty
    • lower class commit lots of crimes as they are unsocialised and commit crime for excitement and new experiences
    • women can be made useful by socialising them to prevent anti social behaviours


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