Thomas Hardy poems mindmap (cont)

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  • Thomas Hardy (continued)
    • At Castle Boterel
      • revisiting - retrospective, looking back at his old self and Emma
        • thinking back to when he last visited
      • 'drizzle' - gloomy, dull setting
      • "What we did...and we talked of / Matters not much" - they were together and that's all that mattered
      • 'rude reason' - strong reason
      • transitory - moving or evolving constantly
      • "it filled but a minute" - momentary occurrence
      • personal perspective, looking back
      • "my sand is sinking" - Death often depicted with an hourglass
      • "one phantom figure" refers to Emma - she is there spiritually while he is there physically
    • The Voice
      • "how you call to me, call to me" - second person, directly written to her, makes it very personal / intimate
      • "now you are not as you were" - unhappy, distant during marriage
      • "when our day was fair" - when they first met, no tension
      • "Can it be you that I hear?" - questioning himself
      • "as I knew you then" - past tense, connotes distance
      • listlessness - restlessness, can't stay in one place
      • metaphysical vs force of nature
      • "Thus I;" - turn in the poem
      • "leaves falling" - autumn of his life (getting old), metaphysical of not being able to move on


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