AQA A2 Sociology- Theory- Feminism

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  • Theory- Feminism
    • Radical
      • Millet
        • All societies are patriarchal, men dominate and women are subordinate.
        • All relations between mena dn women are political relations of power.
      • Firestone
        • Sexual oppression = fundamental form of oppression
        • Inequality is due to biological reasons
          • Women carry the child
          • Pregnancy makes women financially and emotionally dependant on their partner
          • They become tied by the dependency of the child
          • They are expected to be a housewife and mother
      • Solutions
        • Separatism: Men and women live separately
        • Women use their shared experiences to take action.
        • Political lesbianism- in heterosexual relationships women sleep with the enemy.
      • Eval
        • Stats show that intimate relations have elements of dominance and power
        • Marxists: class inequality is a more fundamental form of oppression.
        • Liberal: there will always be hetrosexual relationships so separatism is useless.
    • Liberal
      • Want gradual change, neither sex benefitting from gender inequality, removal of sexist stereotypes and the creation of equal opportunities.
      • Frieden
        • Emancipation- freedom from the chains of the home.
        • Women are sold  the feminist mystique (mother/wife hood = fulfilment) this isn't true.
      • Eval
        • Not all women experience inequality at work- 84% in NHS = women
        • Radical: there are still sexist stereotypes in the media
        • Politics is still male dominated.
        • Marxists: they don't acknowledge the negative impact of capitalism
    • Marxist Feminist
      • Believe women's oppression is linked to capitalism
      • Women's subordination serves the economy:
        • Source of cheap labour- they are paid less.
        • Reserve labour force- moved into labour during economic booms and removed during recessions.
        • Reproduce labour force- unpaid work, socialise children and maintain the current workforce (husbands)
        • Absorb anger- they make sure the anger isn't aimed at capitalism
      • Eval
        • Hartman: they are sex blind- they expain why capitalism exploits workers but not women in particular.
        • Socialist Feminist: they need to look at patriarchy not capitalism to explain oppression before this economic system.
    • Post Feminist
      • Butler
        • Women can't adopt the Enlightenments project as they don't have the same experiences.
        • There are different discourses (ways of seeing, thinking and speaking) surrounding womanhood
        • Post feminists deconstruct the discourses to reveal how women's oppression is different throughout the world and through history.
      • Eval: Walby- women are also similar- all face partriarchy
    • Socialist Feminist
      • Barrett:
        • Family imposed defined roles through socialisation
        • Women believe their natural role is mother and housewife.
        • The overthrow of capitalism isn't enough, ideology of the family need to be abolished.
      • Explain oppression before capitalism


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