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  • Theories
    • David Gauntlett and Identity
      • Historical media products convey straigthtfoward messages about identity.
      • Ideas about lifestyle and identity that appear in the media are resources which individuals use to think through their sense of self and modes of expression.
      • Popular culture offers a range of stars, icons and characters from  which we can acceptably borrow ideas from bits of their public persona for use in our own.
    • Judith Butler
      • Gender is a PERFORMANCE
        • Our gender is fluid and changes in different contexts and at different times
      • People's personality and behavior are shaped by society and culture
        • They can adapt and change
    • Stuart Hall
      • Reception Theory
        • Media texts are encoded and decoded
          • Producer encodes the messages and values
          • Audience decodes the messages and values
        • Audience members adopt on of three positions when they decode a text...
          • Dominant/ preferred reading
            • How the producer wants the audience to view the media text
          • negotiated reading
            • The audience accepts part of the producers views , but has their own views on parts as well
          • oppositional reading
            • The audience rejects the preferred reading, and creates their own meaning for the text
      • Representation
        • Construction of reality
        • The media re-present the world
      • Stereotypes
        • Stereotypes are inequalities pf power
          • Subordinate or excluded groups are constructed as different
    • Bell Hooks
      • Feminist
      • "Feminism is a movement to end sexism, sexual exploitation and oppression"
      • "We have been socialized as females by patriarchal thinking to see ourselves as inferior to men"
    • Tessa Perkins
      • Stereotyping is not a simple process and contains a number of assumptions that can be challenged
        • Stereotypes are not always negative
        • Stereotypes are not always about minority groups or the less powerful
        • Stereotypes can be held about one's own group
        • Stereotypes are NOT rigid or unchanging
        • Stereotypes are NOT always false
    • Mediation Theory
      • The media selects what it shows the audience to serve its own purpose
        • A media producer will deliberately represent a person or group according to what they want others to believe
        • "Mediation refers to how a representation is put together and what message it gives the audience
      • Every report of an event is a representation of that event, NOT reality
    • Alvarado
      • His theories related to ethnicity
        • People from different cultures tend to be defined by different they are.
      • Representation of different ethnic group[s can be divided into 4 categories
        • The exotic
        • The pitied
        • The humorous
        • The dangerous
    • Liesbet Van Zoonen
      • Women belong to the family and domestic life
      • Men belong to the social world of politics and work
      • Femininity is about nurturerance, care and compassion
      • Masculinity is about efficiency, rationality and individuality


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