Representation A2

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  • Representation
    • Stereotypical?
      • Fair?
    • Which area in particular?
      • Race, class, gender, regional identity, disability, etc.
    • Theories
      • Sessure's semiotics theory
      • Visual Pleasure & The Male Gaze- Mulvey (feminist theory)
      • Dyer's representation theory
      • Baudillar's simulacra theory
      • Psychoanalysis & 'The Mirror'- Lacan
      • 'Queer Theory'- Butler
      • Subculture & representation of groups- Hebridge
      • Interconnectivity of race class & gender- Hooks
      • Cultivation theory
        • Traditionalist vs non traditionalist views- Giddens
    • Connotation/ denotation
    • Language and speaking
    • Identify the characters from your AS & A2 productions


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