The Seagull - Themes/Symbols/Motifs

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  • Themes, Symbols and Motifs in The Seagull
    • Themes
      • Self-Evaluation
        • All the characters are either self aware or devoid of self-consciousness
      • Existentialism and Life's Meaning
        • Sorin argues about the worth of his life with Dorn
        • Nina and Konstantin use their work to find their identity
        • Masha - 'I am mourning for my life'
    • Motifs
      • Unrequited Love
        • Medvedenko loves Masha. Masha loves Konstantin. Konstantin loves Nina. Nina loves Trigorin. Trigorin has a thing with Nina and Arkadina. Arkadina is idolised by Shamrayev who is married to Polina who loves Dorn
      • Existential Crisis
        • Masha hates and is bored with her life.She sniffs snuff and drinks heavily.
        • Sorin hasn't done what he dreamed of. He never became a writer or married.
        • Konstantin lacks direction. He thinks he is talented and has promise but has no set goal.
        • Trigorin goes after a second chance of youth with the promise of Nina
      • Banality of existence
        • Life altering events happen amidst boring things like changing a bandage or asking for a glass of water
    • Symbols
      • The Seagull
        • Konstantin says that he will be dead in Nina's honour like the seagull
        • Trigorin says the seagull symbolises how he will destroy Nina
        • Nina compares herself to the seagull in act 1. Describing how she would escape to the lake and escape her home
        • Later, Nina compares herself to the seagull again but the symbol changes from freedom to destruction at the hands of a loved one
      • The Lake
        • The lake shwos the desire for Konstantin and Chekov's desire to create a more naturalistic theatre


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