Theme C - Religious Studies (2)

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  • Theme C - The Existence of God and Relevelation
    • Arguments against the Existence of God
      • "The heavens and the earth were a joined entity...We separated them and made from water every living thing." (Qur'an 21:30)
      • Many atheists and humanists don't believe in God because they don't think there's any evidence he exists
      • "I bring prosperity and create disaster." (Psalms 119). This suggests that God isn't only responsible for good- he creates suffering as a punishment
      • Many people think the Big Bang Theory explains creation
    • Miracles
      • Some believe that the Qur'an includes 'scientific miracles'-it describes facts discovered centuries later, such as an account of how a human embryo develops (Qur'an 23:13-14)
      • Muslims believe that the Qur'an itself is a miracle-the direct word of Allah, with a style that is impossible to copy.
      • Jesus performed miracles to show he had the power of God, and to show the importanceof faith. 'feeding the 5000' and 'healing the blind man'
      • Others argue that the miracles in religious texts should be interpreted symbolically rather than literally
      • Christianity,Islam and Judaism all involve some belief in miracles, though to differing extents. These include events in their scriptures, though some people believe miracles also happen nowadays
      • People believe miracles offer proof there is a god because they go against the laws of nature-only God would have the power to do so
      • Atheists and humanists don't believe in miracles. They believe that they either can be explained scientifically, or are fake or misunderstandings.
      • They show god's benevolence, as many miracles are beneficial


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