The World in 1900

Mindmap to show that different aspects of the powers in 1900. Includes the Great Powers and how each tried to outdo the other

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  • The World in 1900
    • Great Powers
      • Britain
      • Germany
      • France
      • Austria-Hungary
      • Russia
      • Italy
    • Each power wanted to control the worlds trade and be as wealthy as possible
    • Britain
      • Became rich through selling manufactured goods to colonies
      • Early 20th century, British dominance came under threat.
        • Great Powers tried to outdo others by producing more maufactured good and selling them overseas
        • The country that made and sold the most goods would become more rich and powerful than the others
        • Dominance was threatened by Germany and France
    • The United States
      • British dominance also under threat from the 'new' power - The US
      • By 1900, immigration meant that the USA had higher populations than Britain and France
      • It would only be a matter of time before the US began to produce and sell more maufactured goods and become richer than Britain
    • The Ottoman Empire
      • Controlled large areas of land in Eastern Europe.
      • Power was growing weaker
      • Austria-Hungary and Russia wanted to take land from the Ottomans


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