What was Britain like in the 1900's?

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    • Class
      • There are three classes; upper class who were rich and powerful, middle class were professional or small businesses and working class who were poor. There was little social mobility, making moving to different classes very difficult.
    • Women
      • Conditions of work improved for women and children. Many trade unions were set up too. Women had little rights or power. Working class women only worked after marriage and having kids.
    • Trade
      • Britain was one of the central countries for world trade, especially so the materials could be used for factories
    • Economy
      • The economy was very good in the 1900's because of the Industrial Revolution and the British empire. We got many raw materials form our empires including metals and cloths.
    • Politics
      • The government favored the rich, upper class people so the political system was very unfair. Many elections took place because of the democratic system even though this excluded women and the poor. Two of the first parties were the Tory and the Liberal party. Many other parties were formed a few years later.
    • Problems
      • There was very poor sanitation in the 1900's and overcrowding was also another main issue. There was unequal distribution of resources. There was a lack of good housing and government support and welfare.


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