The Main Political Parties in Weimar Germany

A mind Map of the Main political Parties within Weimar Germany. I will also be doing a 'timeline' of sorts to show where the parties were in terms of 'left-wing' and 'right-wing'

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  • The Main Political Parties in Weimar Germany
    • Z (Centre party)
      • Formed in 1870 to protect catholic interests.
        • Most Support came from Catholic workers and middle class.
      • In favor of political reform and defended in Weimar Republic until 1930.
      • Usually to the right of the DDP in its policies.
      • Took part in the Weimar Government up to 1932.
    • DDP (German Democratic Party)
      • Left-wing liberal party formed in 1918.
        • Supported the Weimar Consitution but lost electorial support after 1919.
        • Most support came from liberal intellectuals and businessmen
    • NSDAP (Nazis)
      • Formed in 1919 as the German Workers Party.
      • Extremely Nationalist and Racist party that opposed the Weimar Republic.
      • Initially pursued violent methods of winning power but later on focused on winning elections.
      • Appealed to all sectors of society after 1929.
    • DNVP (Germans National People's Party)
      • A nationalist party formed in 1918 to protect the interests of the land-owning class.
      • Rejected the republic, The Treaty of Versailles and democracy.
      • Most support came from Junkers (Landed nobility) and some ubran lower middle class.
    • DVP (German Peoples Party)
      • Formed in 1918, this was a right-wing Liberal party which opposed the Weimar Republic in principle but took part in governments.
      • Most support come from the upper middle class and employers.
        • Led by Gustav Stresemann who became chancellor and foreign minister.
    • SPD (Social Democratic Party)
      • Formed in 1875 this party was the Weimar Goverments Strongest supporter
      • Received more votes than any other party up to 1932.
    • KPD (Communist Party)
      • Formed in 1918 by the Spartacus League.
        • Joined Comintern (International communist organization led by Russia)
        • Opposed the Weimar Republic and wanted to establish a Communist State in Germany
      • Became more popular after 1929,
    • BVP (Bavarian Peoples Party)
      • A catholic party representing Bavaria. Was effectively a branch of the Centre Party but willing to work with anti-democratic politicians in Bavaria in order to exlude the SPD.


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