Strengths and Weaknesses of the Teleological Argument

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  • The Teleological Argument
    • Strenghts
      • Humans may find comfort with it as it gives the universe meaning
      • It could be compatible with science, the big bang could be the stages in which God designed the Earth
      • Use of analogies make it relatable to real life
      • Based on inductive reasoning - you can't deny there's order and regularity in the world
      • "Our scientific knowledge brings us no nearer to understanding the beauty of music" - Tennant
    • Weaknesses
      • Hume
        • Analogy is Weak
          • Watch = Technical
            • Earth = Organic
        • Fallacy of Composition
          • Too big of an assumption to assume God as a designer
            • We have no experience of a cause
        • Not the God of Classical Theism
          • How can an all-loving God create natural evil?
        • Epicurean Hypothesis
          • If you give a monkey a typewriter for an infinite amount of time then eventually it will write the works of Shakespeare
        • "Our experience, so imperfect and so limited"
      • Kant
        • We perceive order, but is it really order? Without further knowledge of other worlds.
      • Mill
        • How is God all-powerful and there still  be animal suffering and natural evil?
      • Darwin - Adaption
        • If we were made in God's image, which is perfection, why have we changed through time?
      • "The universe is just a brute fact" - Bertrand Russel


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