The Problem of Evil: Augustine

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  • The Problem of Evil: Augustine
    • Based on Genesis 3 (Story of the fall) Romans 5:12-20
    • Good God created the world and the creation was good.
      • Evil = 'privation of good' not an entity itself.
        • Just as blindness is a privation of sight.
    • Evil was a result of angels who turned away from God.
      • Misused their free will and tempted Adam and Eve = origin of moral evil.
    • All humans = 'seminally present in the loins of Adam'
      • Born with original sin therefore natural evil = punishment
    • Soul deciding theodicy
      • The choice to obey God is ours.
    • End of Time
      • Judgement day: good go to heaven, the bad go to hell
      • Evil is punished
      • Augustine argued God's world can still be perfect in the end.


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